29 September

Lyndon Whitlock

Lyndon Whitlock is the head striking coach here at Para Bellum, and one of our most accomplished athletes. He has developed a comprehensive curriculum to introduce the concepts and mechanics of striking to athletes of every skill level.

He has been fighting and competing professionally for almost a decade, and has been a coach and role model for hundreds of students across the GTA. Lyndon has an impressive finish rate in his MMA wins, including one of the top knockouts of the year, as featured on Spike TV’s MMA highlights from around the world. In addition to his impressive striking acumen, Lyndon is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has won elite level submission grappling championships.

Lyndon has trained and coached at some of the premiere MMA gyms in Ontario including: Iron Tiger Muay Thai, Pura BJJ, Tapout Burlington, and Bruckmans MMA. He also trained in Rio de Janeiro Brazil with Nova Unano and former UFC Champion Jose Aldo. Lyndon brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his coaching, and as an active competitor, there is nothing theoretical about what Lyndon teaches; it is all based on reality.

In addition to his highly proficient coaching, Lyndon has also worked with troubled and at-risk students. He has been brought in to low income, high risk areas to work with students as a role model and motivational speaker. Lyndon is an outstanding leader, and he is passionate about changing students’ lives for the better.